Bad Hemingway By The Bay: A Bad Memory Play, is a two-act solo performance piece…with other people. It is a play that will probably be hailed by critics as, “too damn long…but funny…and heartbreaking…and sad…and we loved the jazz combo underscoring the bad Beat poetry”… if it ever opens. The play is set in 1980’s San Francisco, and it is a tale of self discovery as told by an idiot who returns from the grave one night a year to perform his not-so-legendary nightclub act, The Cold Man And The Sea, before daylight comes when he must return to his grave. The dead idiot’s name is, R.T. Dickman, and when he was alive he was a performance artist forced to make his living in the restaurant business in order to fund his obsession to be, Bad Hemingway By The Bay! Coming to a theatre in New York City in 2021…or as soon as they unlock the doors and let us all back in. And if they don’t unlock the theaters, I guess I’ll have to do it on Zoom. Either way, stay tuned.