Safe Place


Unfriend me now, misogynists! Begone, bigots! I say unto thee, unfriend me now, you homophobes! You racists! You pedophiles of Liberty! Dispatch thyself from my virtual life, you scaremongering cowards! You puke piles of bile! Purge me from your mace-in-the-Facebook lives! Unfriend me now, Villains! Unfriend me now, you who choose the Duke de la Orange over your fellow humans! You, who had the gaul to fall for the McDonald Man, his side kick Religioso Grosso, and their band of Viagra snorting, beta blocking popping, Chick-fil-A feasting fascists, over empathy and love. Unfriend me now, I say unto thee, for there is no room on my wall for you and your vitriol. Take heed, hear my creed, do the deed— I want you off my feed! You are a disgrace to the human race and this is now a safe place. I will fight you with my art, this is just the start.

(First published on Facebook, November 12, 2016)

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