The Sock Whisperer

RioLolaThis is about Rio, the dog on the left.
While in California I ran five miles every day. I didn’t bring enough running socks so I bought several new pair at Marshall’s; they come in a bag in a variety of colors; they go up to your ankles; ankle socks; Puma. I am very fond of my new running socks. The time came to do my first load of laundry. House and pet-sitting in Northern California, I would wait until the last minute to do laundry because of the drought. After my clothes came out of the dryer, I found I was missing one of my new Puma socks. I looked everywhere for that one missing Puma sock— under the beds, in the dryer, in the washer, on the laundry room floor, in Rio’s mouth…let me explain: You know you’re a true member of the Mark and Tammy De Mattei Family when Rio runs into your room, puts her nose in your dirty laundry bag, pulls out one of your socks, and runs around the house with it in her mouth waiting for you to run after her and take it back. I call Rio, The Sock Whisperer. She had been doing this to me and I felt privileged. So, I checked her doghouse for my new missing sock in addition to checking the rest of the house and the grounds. This is no small “feet” considering it’s a big house on a big piece of property. During my search I found old tennis balls, doggie frisbees, deflated footballs, old shoes; etc.… but no socks. I came up empty handed; or should I say, “empty footed”? Each time I did a load of laundry over the following three weeks I would look for that missing sock thinking somehow it would magically appear. I would also question Rio while folding my laundry, “Did you take my sock, Rio?” No answer from Rio. Then I’d ask Lola (the dog on the right) who was helping me fold, “Did Rio take my new sock, Lola?” No answer from Lola. Three weeks flew by and it was time to pack and say goodbye to Rio and Lola and the rest of the family. In preparation for packing my suitcases I did my final load of laundry. Once again I saw that I was missing that one new sock. Packing took me all night and the better part of the morning of my departure. Just as I placed my final article of clothing in my suitcase and was about to zip it up to wheel out to the car…in walks Rio with the missing sock in her mouth. She walked right up to me and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” And dropped that missing new Puma running sock right on top of my open suitcase. True story.

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