Lights up on Apartment 3C, NYC. We see GARY and CARYN spring cleaning while OLD CRANKY NEIGHBOR looks on.
GARY: [while spring cleaning the apartment] Hey look! I found a giant egg! [creepy music]
CARYN: [shocked; looks at GARY] We must give it back to its rightful owner: Mothra!
GARY: MOTHRA! [more creepy music]
OLD CRANKY NEIGHBOR: [scoffs at this] Hmmph. Are you saying you found an egg belonging to Mothra? Ridiculous!
GARY: Look at it, you fool, it’s huge! It’s pretty clear it’s Mothra’s egg.
OLD CRANKY NEIGHBOR: [scoffs again at this] Ridiculous! (to CARYN) May I borrow a cup of processed sugar?
CARYN: I don’t have any processed sugar, will organic date sugar do?
OLD CRANKY NEIGHBOR: Hmmph! organic date sugar tastes like brown sugar but it’s more expensive, why don’t you just buy brown sugar? Fools!
GARY: [to CARYN] Ask her to leave, please.
[Just then more creepy music is heard, there is the sound of giant wings flapping outside in the hall and then a knock on the apartment door.]
CARYN: Who is it?
MOTHRA: It’s The Happy Neighbor from down the hall, may I borrow a cup of organic date sugar, please?
CARYN: Sure, come on in.
[CARYN opens the door and a giant moth (MOTHRA) enters and eats OLD CRANKY NEIGHBOR. CARYN hands MOTHRA the giant egg belonging to her. MOTHRA kisses CARYN on the cheek and flies away.]

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